Who We Are

We are a Full Service Agency specialising in a wide range of digital solutions, touch technologies, CRM solutions, software development, media solutions, content management, multimedia large format digital layouts and hardware design solutions.

At our core, we are strategists, big thinkers, meticulous creators and digital explorers. Together, we dream up experiences that are breakthrough and engaging, simple yet surprising, technologically savvy while strategically sound. Yes, we are passionate. Pushing every idea as far as it can go. Helping our clients build their business, connect with their customers and look damn good.

With over 14 years’ experience in Information Technologies, Marketing, Advertising and Media industries, we focus on integrating the necessary disciplines including design, programming, marketing and business processes to deliver cutting edge solutions.

We apply a full service full support approach which enables us to manage every element from concept creation, hardware design, software development, creative design, content management, installation deployment and technical support.

The result is a company designed from the ground up to deliver fully integrated customer experience technologies in a variety of markets.

What we do

We believe we are in the midst of a marketing revolution that calls for a change in how we engage consumers around a brand. We all see material changes in how customers are seeking and consuming information. For us, the more important questions to be answered are why, when and what.

We believe determination ignites innovation, and we are very passionate our company, our customers, our work, our philosophy and our commitment to continuously push the boundaries of technology.

How we do it

We take a practical down-to-earth approach to our customers’ challenges and believe that marketing and communications should be addressed just as professionally and systematically as product development.

To facilitate this shift, we need to evolve our thinking from marketing campaigns, media “flights”, and a single “big idea”, and begin to think about our ongoing relationships with consumers supported strategically for the long term, multiple interactions that come and build on each other purposefully.

In fact, a brand’s marketing and communications have become an increasingly significant part of the end-customer’s perception of the offered product or service.

So… to conclude, we are equipped with all the possible knowledge and skills required to take your company to new levels of engagement.