Our Digital Directional Wayfinder and Advertising Solutions are used to guide and inform customers on directions, locations and routes to their desired destinations. Our software is elegant, intuitive, interactive, dynamic, bilingual, adaptable, easily up-dateable, searchable and scalable, allows visitors to quickly and easily find directions, maps, tenant information, descriptions, facilities, services, brands, products and special offers at the touch of a finger.

Look and Feel

Custom-architecture directories significantly improve the image of your mall. We can custom-design directional kiosks to fit your brand guidelines and architectural design.

Directory and Way finding

Customisable directory UX design with user flexibility to navigate through our software with ease. Detailed maps with way finding paths show directions to the desired destination.  Efficient access to all mall information and a way finding solution that clearly links the digital and physical worlds.

Advertising platform

Our Digital Directional software solution comes bundled with our advertising media manager software. The system provides easy control over your entire network of screens, letting you decide which content plays where and when, and allowing you to monitor what every screen is showing.


Flexibility to add a multitude of interactive user engagement application to enhance your mall experience and solution.

Our Digital Directional Advertising Touch Screen Solution is developed in a modular plug and play format which allows the flexibility to add additional interactive applications to your solution:

  • Way Finding Manager (Precinct & multi-layer formats available)
  • Advertising Manager (8 different types of adverts can be initialized)
  • Activation Manager
  • Campaign Manager
  • Restaurants Manager
  • Survey Manager
  • Competition Manager
  • Mall Info Manager

Increase your revenue – own your environment, control your mall media solutions.