Wallstreet Interactive provides a number of professional services to support hardware deployment and interactive self-service solution provisions. These services are offered as stand-alone modules, or they can be integrated into any new or existing project.

Site Surveys

An important part of any project involving hardware installation is the site survey phase. Site surveys are an essential part of hardware installation and are instrumental in preventing classic project scope creep.  Site surveys ensure that every site specific requirement is identified and catered for before hardware is selected, purchased and installed.

Wallstreet Interactive technical team are able to provide this as a managed service, the output of which is a thorough evaluation of all sites, followed by a site information summary, method statement, risk assessment and proposal.

A full Health & Safety assessment is included in all site surveys. Wallstreet Interactive adopts an open and collaborative approach to site surveys and encourages input from the customer throughout the process.

Hardware Selection & Consultancy

Any interactive solution is only as good as its composite parts. It is important to select appropriate and compatible hardware to ensure that the final product delivers the quality and reliability your customers expect. Selecting the right mix of components, with the correct technical specification to meet functional requirements is an essential part of a successful technical installation.

We provide hardware selection and consultancy and our technical team have many years’ experience in scoping and designing interactive solutions and ensuring that the correct hardware is selected and evaluated. We also have documented in-house testing procedures to guarantee quality assurance.

Deployment & Installation

Wallstreet Interactive are registered Samsung installers and employ a professional collaborative approach to planning deployments and installations whatever the scale of the project.

Hardware installation services can include equipment logistics, decommissioning of old equipment, power provision, fiber provision, screen instillations, video wall instillations, cat5 infrastructure, wireless infrastructure, network security and lockdown.

Supported hardware may include simple indoor kiosks, complex outdoor kiosks, and small to large digital format signage displays which may be mounted on walls or ceiling poles.

Wallstreet Interactive technical engineers attend a certified training specific to all equipment they install and support. Site surveys and hardware selection consultancy is often offered as part of installation initiatives, and the Wallstreet Interactive technical team can work with customer deployment teams to dove-tail into larger projects or programs of work.

Project & Technical Consultancy

Wallstreet Interactive designs and delivers interactive service solutions to systems integrators and project delivery teams who have a requirement for professional large scale manufacturing and roll-outs. Our staff has many years of combined knowledge and experience in interactive technologies, project management, operations, logistics, networking, security and project delivery.

Technical Training

Training is a critical part and our research indicates that technology is only as effective as the people who operate, use and maintain it which means it is vital to develop the skills of your operators to improve IT performance, reduce operational frustrations and maximise the benefits of your technology investment.

Wallstreet Interactive professionals encourage learning, are passionate about sharing knowledge and helping you to develop the relevant skills. We have the deep expertise and experience to help you optimise IT performance by building a common level of competency within your environment.